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David T. Wade – Student at Law


I started providing this service to the public back in December 2014.

We help people and small businesses, who cannot get legal aid, cannot afford or just find the high street solicitors too expensive. A service built upon recommendations, covering Scunthorpe, Grimsby, Hull, and their surrounding areas.

There are currently two of us at David T. Wade – Student at Law. We provide two main types of services to assist you with your legal concerns, which is explained in more detail on the ‘Services’ page.

You may find that some of your premature questions regarding our services, may have already been answered on the ‘FAQ’s’ page.

At David T. Wade – Student of Law we strive to provide a service second to none in assisting you in your legal matters, whether you are claiming or defending a legal action. We appreciate that not everyone is legally minded and that you might not have ever been involved in a legal matter. It can be a difficult and challenging time for you and we hope to provide you with real practical assistance that’s affordable within the bounds of what we can do. Our contact details are in the below footer and our contact form, telephone numbers and opening hours are on the ‘Contact’ page.

We hope that you find using the David T. Wade – Student at Law website easy to navigate around, providing you with an insight to our service and if we can help you we look forward to assisting you with your matter.

An example of our fees for:

A straightforward, small claims matter from start to finish could be around £350.00 comprising of:

  • Help completing N1 claim form and particulars of claim, or
  • Help acknowledging service of the N1 claim form and completing defence, and,
  • Help completing Directions Questionnaire, and,
  • Help completing witness statement plus exhibiting exhibits, and,
  • Attendance at the hearing.

Examples of how we can help you:

Helping people & small businesses, who cannot get legal aid, cannot afford or just find the high street solicitors too expensive.  We can help with:

  • General help and assistance with your legal matter
  • Lay Representative / McKenzie Friend Service
  • Guidance only consultation
  • One-off service
How can we help you?

A court appearance? A legal dilemma? A contractual predicament? These are just a few legal dilemmas we can offer assistance with.

I can thoroughly recommend David T. Wade, he was of great assistance in my case!

David Nundy

Need a legal hand? We’re here to help.

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