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About Me


I believe that everyone should have access to legal help and support without fearing huge costs for seeking it.

About Me

I believe that everyone should have access to legal help and support without fearing huge costs for seeking it.


My name is David T. Wade and I hold an LL.B (Hons) degree.

I started helping by diving into consumer credit law back in 2011 and began developing defences to assist some people that I knew. Claims began to get thrown out of court, and it appeared that I had stumbled upon something which I was highly interested in and seemed rather good at. Then one day a neighbour was asking if I could help them with a speeding case and I agreed. I dived in to road traffic law and he was acquitted of the charge.

Before long I was getting a little busy with other people contacting me asking for some legal help. I was amazed at how many people were struggling and needed some legal service.

I then spent a great deal of time looking at how I could help people and small businesses doing what I love. So, at the end of 2014, I put together a small business (David T Wade Student at Law Ltd) doing just that across Hull, Goole and Scunthorpe and then embarked on my LL.B (Hons) degree.

I have, since starting gained a great deal of practical experience over the years with helping people, I have a great review base from people that I have helped and I have an LL.B (Hons) degree in law which I obtain in 2019. I was voted one of the UK’s most influential aspiring lawyers in 2016. However, I currently have no plans to become a solicitor or barrister, but rather continue in my quest to provide affordable legal help, just as I set out to do and as I am doing.

I believe that everyone should have access to legal help and support without fearing huge costs for seeking it.

Together, with my small team, we have been successful in solving legal issues that might have seen difficult or impossible to solve, where people may have felt there was no way out.

Working with us, where we provide a comprehensive service and a court attendance service, you will receive our full support, care and the best solutions for your legal problem.

Feel free to have a look at the website, read the testimonials of our clients and see how we helped them solve their legal problems without the huge legal bill.

You can always give me a call or drop me a message. The initial consultation is free of charge!

An example of my help for a straight forward small claims matter would encompass:

Help completing N1 claim form and particulars of claim.

Help acknowledging service of the N1 claim form and completing defence.

Help completing Directions Questionnaire.

Help completing witness statements plus exhibiting exhibits.

Attendance at the hearing.

Examples of how I can help you:

Helping people & small businesses, who cannot get legal aid, cannot afford or just find the high street solicitors too expensive.  I can help with:

Providing to you a comprehensive service.

Can offer a fixed fee arrangement on certain family and divorce matters.

Can offer a No-Win No-Fee on certain consumer credit claims.

Court attendance as your Lay Representative or McKenzie Friend.

I can thoroughly recommend David T. Wade, he was of great assistance in my case!

David Nundy

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We're a small business with a passion for helping people overcome difficult and stressful times in their life. If I or the team can’t help you I will be honest and always act with integrity. I’m not here to judge, I am here to offer a helping hand when it comes to your legal matters. Offload that burden and let’s see if we can work together to resolve your issues.

Send me your details and we can start with an informal free chat.