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Nothing that is stated or done by David T Wade Student at Law Ltd is to be taken as legal advice. We provide to you our opinions for an information based purpose. You are paying for our time and that you are not paying us for any legal advice or legal assistance.

Any and all drafts, opinions, ideas and answers in relation to any matters or questions that you are concerned about, will be discussed and provided in confidence and is provided purely for your consideration only, which is not to be solely relied upon. No warranty, whether express or implied is given in relation to such materials.

We are not solicitors or barristers and thus we are not legally qualified, although David T Wade Student at Law Ltd consists of law students studying to obtain law degrees and has a proven track record of being a great help.

By using any of our services and be it on the agreement of David T Wade Student at Law Ltd, all persons do so on the full understanding of the above and that David T Wade Student at Law Ltd accepts no liability of any negative outcomes. You are always advised to seek independent professional legal advice in relation to any legal concerns that you may have.

Our disclaimer and terms will also be covered prior to any agreement between yourself and David T Wade Student at Law Ltd.

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A court appearance? A legal dilemma? A contractual predicament? These are just a few legal dilemmas we can offer assistance with.

I can thoroughly recommend David T. Wade, he was of great assistance in my case!

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