I, David T Wade am currently studying law and am not therefore defined as legally qualified. I am neither a solicitor or barrister, I am someone who has a good understanding through my own legal battles as well as helping others and to which I have embarked to obtain my LLB Honours Degree.

Nothing that is stated or done by myself or any of the team is to be considered or taken as legal advice or legal assistance in any manner.

My opinions, ideas and answers in relation to any matters or questions that you are concerned about, will be discussed in confidence, and any drafts or discussions is purely for your consideration only and is not solely to be relied upon.

Any and all agreements to help and assist any person, is made and done with the intention to be binding in honour only.

By asking for assistance and help and be it subject to agreement from myself, all persons do so on the full understanding of the above and that David T. Wade – Student of Law or any of the team accepts no liability for any negative outcomes, including any negligence. You are always advised to seek independent legal advice regarding any legal matter that you have.

How can we help you?

A court appearance? A legal dilemma? A contractual predicament? These are just a few legal dilemmas we can offer assistance with.

David – availed me of his services – myself V the Crown, I came out of the case with the most satisfactory result. He was attentive, polite and extremely professional throughout all aspects of the case.

Dr Donald F Hooker

Need a legal hand? We’re here to help.

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