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David T. Wade – Student at Law services consist of:

Legal Service

Service 1: General help and assistance with your legal matter

General help and assistance with your legal matter. This including help with drafting letters, forms and most paperwork for courts and tribunals. This includes defences, claims, witness statements, etc. Along with this service we shall also happily provide you with our own thoughts regarding court procedure and law. Everything provided to you for your consideration.

Using our dedicated time to help you with your legal matter we are one step from doing it all for you subject to your approval.

A free initial consultation is provided with this service.

Service 2: Lay Representative / McKenzie Friend Service

Our Lay Representative / McKenzie Friend service. When the time comes to go to court or attendance a tribunal hearing you can benefit from our Lay Representative / McKenzie Friend service for court or tribunal hearings within the areas we cover.

Service 3: Guidance only consultation

Guidance only consultations are available for those wishing to go at it alone and just wish to seek some guidance. You can arrange a ‘guidance only consultation’ where we can sit down, provide a coffee or tea and discuss your issue, providing you an hour of our dedicated time.

Service 4: One-off service

You may just need the hand of someone to provide you with assistance on a single aspect. For this, we can provide you with a price for a ‘one-off service’ to help you on a singular matter.

This would also include retention work for a same subject matter which would be a regular matter to be dealt with. Providing monthly and weekly payment plans to suit your requirements.

Small businesses can benefit from our one-off service by paying a monthly or weekly fee for our ongoing assistance for when you need that help.

As your ‘Lay Representative’

As your ‘Lay Representative’ you shall be accompanied to your hearing. We can address the court or tribunal on your behalf, putting your case forward for you. However, you will still have to attend the court, unless permission has been granted from the court for you not to attend, but you won’t have to do much talking.

The ‘Lay Representative’ derives from the Lord Chancellor ordering The Lay Representatives (Rights of Audience) Order 1999.

As your ‘McKenzie Friend’ you shall be accompanied to your hearing and be provided with assistance whilst in the court or tribunal. This consists of moral support, taking notes, helping you with case papers and quietly giving suggestions and advice on any aspect during the conduct of the case.

The McKenzie Friend derives from a Court of Appeal case known as McKenzie v McKenzie [1970].

It is important and in your own interest that you seek support as soon as possible.  Assistance with your paperwork and as to procedure should ideally begin before any matter has gone to court or a tribunal and our service can continue throughout your case should the matter progress.

Offering a free, initial consultation (for those taking the 1st service) regarding your legal predicament, which can be done via: text, email, telephone or in person, depending on our suitability. All consultations shall be strictly confidential.

David T. Wade – Student of Law covers the following areas depending on depth and involvement:

  • Consumer Credit Law
  • Contractual Law
  • Divorce Law
  • Employment Law
  • Family Law
  • Firearm Licensing Law
  • Landlord & Tenant Law
  • Taxi Licensing Law
  • Road Traffic Law

An example of our fees for a straightforward, small claims matter from start to finish could be around £350.00 comprising of:

  • Help completing N1 claim form and particulars of claim, or
  • Help acknowledging service of the N1 claim form and completing defence, and,
  • Help completing Directions Questionnaire, and,
  • Help completing  witness statement plus exhibiting exhibits, and,
  • Attendance at the hearing.

Contact David T. Wade – Student at Law today for a free confidential consultation about your legal matter and lets get it sorted together.

How can we help you?

A court appearance? A legal dilemma? A contractual predicament? These are just a few legal dilemmas we can offer assistance with.

I can thoroughly recommend David T. Wade, he was of great assistance in my case!

David Nundy

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