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My services and how I can help you

Legal assistance –

My services and how I can help you

Legal assistance

Service 1: Full Comprehensive Service.

My comprehensive service includes help with drafting letters, forms and most paperwork for court. This includes defences, claims, witness statements, etc. Along with this service, I shall also happily provide you with my own thoughts regarding court procedure and the law. Everything provided to you is for your consideration.

Using my dedicated time to help you with your legal matter, I am one step from doing it all for you subject to your approval.

  • We offer our comprehensive service on an hourly basis.
  • We also offer fixed fees on certain types of divorce and family matters, and
  • We also offer No-Win No-Fee on defending certain consumer credit claims.

A FREE initial consultation is provided.

My fees are around 66% less than a trainee/paralegal! Contact me now.

Service 2: Lay Representative and McKenzie Friend Service

My Lay Representative and McKenzie Friend services are available for when the time comes to attend a hearing. As your Lay Representative, you authorise me to help you prepare and conduct a civil legal case in the small claims court. As your McKenzie Friend, you allow me to assist directly with you only in the court to help you present your case.

My fees are affordable, simple and straightforward. Contact me now.

An example of my help for a straight forward small claims matter would encompass:

  • Help completing N1 claim form and particulars of claim, or
  • Help acknowledging service of the N1 claim form and completing defence, and,
  • Help completing Directions Questionnaire, and,
  • Help completing  witness statements plus exhibiting exhibits, and,
  • Attendance at the hearing.