Comprehensive Service

Benefit from our affordable Full Comprehensive, Fixed Fee or No-Win No-Fee Service.

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Court Attendance

Benefit from Barrister Advocacy or our Court Representative or McKenzie Friend Service.

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An example of my help for a straight forward small claims matter would encompass:

Help completing an N1 claim form and particulars of claim, or

Help acknowledging service of the N1 claim form and completing defence.

Help completing Directions Questionnaire.

Help completing witness statements plus exhibiting exhibits.

Attendance at the hearing.

Examples of how I and the team can help you:

Helping people & small businesses, who cannot get legal aid, cannot afford or just find the high street solicitors too expensive.  I can help with:

Providing to you a comprehensive service.

Can offer a fixed fee arrangement on certain family and divorce matters.

Can offer a No-Win No-Fee on certain consumer credit claims.

Court attendance as your Lay Representative or McKenzie Friend.

Very professionally and surprisingly affordable! Extremely helpful and I have never dealt with such a down to earth individual!... if all legal firms operated with such charisma dealing with legal matters would not be such a chore. Thank you for your help.

Mr. Simon Dilks

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