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Court Attendance Service


When the time comes for you to attend a court or tribunal hearing, then you need to know that your interests are being looked after at the hearing.

You may have taken our comprehensive service or fixed-fee service, of which no doubt you will want us to deal with the court hearings. However, sometime you may have a hearing whereby the work has been done prior, and you are just looking for someone to help you at the hearing.

Availability of Barristers in Court Attendance Service

Also available are barristers that are able to represent you in the court should you require barrister advocacy. As a valued client of ours and when the moment arrives you are able to access affordable barrister advocacy.

Brilliant, David knew the case inside out, had prepared it for me which I was very pleased with. We went into court and within 15 minutes the case was thrown out against me.
Mr Edward Davidson

My court attendance fees is above all, affordable. Contact me now to discuss your requirements.


David has an LL.B (Hons) degree in law. He was voted one of the UK’s most influential aspiring lawyers. He is also directly involved in the protection of workers’ rights as respected Union Rep for Usdaw, and he is the Non-Executive Legal Director for the Humber Taxi Association.

Professional attitude and skilled young man David T. Wade helped me with my case and can say 100% satisfied, fully recommending.
Mr Dusan Guran

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