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David T. Wade & Co can help with motoring offences of any kind, including speeding, failing to identify the driver of a vehicle, driving with no TAX or insurance, drink / drug driving, careless driving.

We offer affordable fees for motoring services that are fast, 60% more affordable than high street solicitors and high quality.

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What Makes Us Different?

We’re not your average law firm! In fact, we’re 60% more affordable than high street solicitors!

We’re also proud to be a unique small law firm with a passion for helping people overcome difficult and stressful times in their life. If I or the team can’t help you, we will be honest and always act with integrity. We’re not here to judge. We’re here to offer a helping hand when it comes to your legal matters. Offload that burden, and let’s see if we can work together to resolve your issues.

Schedule a free no-obligation initial assessment call to see how we can help with your motoring offence. Seeking our help could in the long run save you on your vehicle insurance, if we can avoid a conviction.

Fully Remote Assessments

We have across offices across the UK, with bases in Goole and Nottingham. For ease and convenience we offer fully remote assessments to suit your circumstances.

We Really Care

David T. Wade & Co and the team are experts in Motoring law, we get to know you and your case and tailor our services to get the best outcome for you.

Tailored Motoring Advice

Schedule a free, tailored, confidential no-obligation initial assessment call with our legal expert and founder David T. Wade today.

Motoring Offences:

Speeding Offences.


Using A Mobile Phone.


Failing To I.D The Driver Of A Vehicle.


Drink And Drug Driving Offences.


Driving With No Tax Or Insurance.


Careless And Dangerous Driving.

Why Choose Us?

Our Unique Approach

Puts you firmly in the driving seat when it comes to everything related to your motoring case, which makes us 60% more cost effective than high street solicitors.

Attention To Detail

We pride ourselves on getting to know you and your case so that we can tailor our solution to meet your situation. Ensuring we get the best outcome for you.

Tailored Process

Each case is personal, at David T. Wade & Co we empower you with the right information for your case and guide you through the process at every point.

Our Motoring Expertise

Getting help is simple and affordable.

Tailored Motoring Legal Services

A tailored, confidential, no obligation, free initial assessment with our legal expert David T. Wade.

Child Arrangements

Experienced in all aspects of motoring offences

Experienced in all aspects of motoring law, including court procedure,

There when you need us

We have two offices, one based in Goole and the other in Nottingham, and all of our assessments are done remotely for your convenience.

Simple And Affordable

Getting a motoring offence can be hard enough, without having to go through a difficult and costly process. Here at David T. Wade & Co we understand that every motoring case is personal to each client, schedule a free no-obligation initial assessment call on a date and at a time that suits you, and we’ll find out how we can help you.


We'll have an initial assessment call to discuss your situation


We'll explain how our unique approach firmly puts you in the driving seat, as well as saving you on unnecessary costs


We'll agree if we can help you, you'll then provide a small deposit & we'll explain what happens next

We are here for you.

We help people and small businesses just like you, who are looking for an alternative low-cost approach to dealing with their legal affairs. The cuts to legal aid and the high price of private legal representation have left many to face things alone. Our dedicated team are here to help ease your stress and help solve your legal problems.

Our legal expert David T. Wade will get to know you and your case in detail and tailor our help and advice to get you the best outcome. We are very familiar with all aspects of motoring law having over the years helped many people defend or mitigate and complete the process. We treat every case with the upmost respect and confidentiality and allow you to arrange a date and time that suits you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find frequently asked questions. On our free no-obligation assessment call we will endeavour to answer any questions you have and how our unique approach firmly puts you in the driving seat, and is 60% more cost effective than high street solicitors.

I was running late. Is that a defence to a speeding offence?

Non of the following can be used as a defence against a speeding offence, even if you felt that you were justified in speeding at the time;

  • Speed trap was hidden.
  • You were running late.
  • The car behind was driving to close.

What is mitigation?

A “plea in mitigation” is to persuade the court to impose upon the defendant the most lenient sentence that it could reasonably be expected to give for that offence. It gives the defendant, once pleaded guilty, for example, the opportunity to give an explanation for the offence which should be taken into consideration by the court and could result in a lighter sentence or the courts not imposing a disqualification. 

If i get penalty points will my insurance go up?

Obtaining penalty points or a disqualification on your driving license will most likely increase your insurance premium.

Will I go to prison for careless driving?

It is not very likely that you would get a custodial sentence for careless driving. You can however be fined up to £5,000 as well as, receive between three and nine penalty points or even a disqualification. 

If I get twelve penalty points what is likely to happen?

If you receive twelve penalty points then the court will disqualify you from driving for a minimum period of six months. However, it is known that “hardship” arguments can be made, to ask the court to allow you to keep driving. This is not applicable to new drivers who fall under different rules requiring penalty points.

“David was absolutely fantastic, very helpful with any questions I had and always a fast response time. He explained everything in great detail and explained everything he was going to do and what it meant. Fantastic value for money not a single complaint and helped me get the best outcome possible with my case.”

Mr Callum Howson

“I am incredibly satisfied with the help regarding my motoring case. David’s splendid performance exceeded my wildest expectations, not only in his legal minded ability, but also regarding customer care and affordability. I will most certainly consult David T Wade & Co in the future should I ever need it.”

Mr Derek Riley

“Great Job Five Stars. Thank You to David and His Team for a Reliable, Honest and Affordable Way Too Access a Normally Expensive Service Thank You”

Mr Leon Rimmer

“David was recommended to me by a friend of mine which did not disappoint. If it wasn’t for this guy I would not have won my legal matter. Nothing was to much trouble and above all was affordable.”

Miss Jenny Kellington

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